Bonjour Paris

I'm so excited to tell you that Book 3 is nearly here!  Paris at Christmas - ooh lalala. I had so much fun writing this one - reliving some fun days and delicious food in the beautiful City of Lights. In case you haven't noticed, I am wildly in love with the cover art for this book series.  They are created for me by the crazy talented Alli Smith, and you should totally go check out her other book designs.  She's awesome. Here is a typical conversation: Alli: What do you want on the cover? Me: I don't care.  You decide. …

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The Pork Roast Story

Book Two went up yesterday, leading to more happy tears and a little bit more lemon cake. Don't judge. TWTHH: New York is the second volume of the London Demerez series.  London goes to visit her sister in New York and tastes the best sandwich on the planet, a Cubano at a hole-in-the-wall joint.  This becomes the back of the book recipe, and it requires a slow roasted pork roast. Obviously, having really great recipes in the books is a huge priority, and I work hard testing and retesting recipes before I publish.  Unfortunately, in the summer of 2015,  it was…

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  Last night I gathered some of my favorite people (hubby, kids, Riley and her family) and we ate dinner together and opened some champagne.  My daughter made lemon cake.  Then we hit the "Publish" button and the kids popped little streamers and I cried happy tears. Book One is up for sale here.   If you buy it you will make my day.  Book Two ought to go live any day.  Exciting stuff, friends!!

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