Peace Out, 2016

I hate to say, "It can't possibly get any worse," because 2017 might hear me and say HOLD MY BEER! But I will say this: 2016, you suck. We cannot wait to see the backside of you. However you celebrate tonight, my friends, stay safe and well. We need you back here tomorrow. Love you all.  

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The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

If you pay attention to such things (or if you are one of my stalkers), you may have noticed that this blog name has changed from Emma Foster Romance to Julie Wrote A Book. You may be saying to yourself, why did Emma Foster change her name? The answer is, Emma Foster was never my name. It was all a ruse to create a massive romance empire under a fake name. But, as it happened, I can't keep up a pen name. Keeping up another personality in addition to all the voices inside my own head is just way too much work…

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Happy Whatever You Celebrate

  You are appreciated and loved, friends. Thank you for hanging out with me. Thanks for talking with me about books, cocktails, and recipes. Thank you for being my people. Whatever you celebrate, I hope it's filled with joy and peace and happiness. If you are not celebrating anything today, I still wish you joy and peace and happiness, today and all days.

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It's Practically Here!

Are you almost at meltdown point yet? Is your head ready to explode from too many Christmas carols? Will you scream if you have to go to the mall again? Is your body begging you to lay off the champagne and chocolate and eat a damn vegetable? No? Me either. Party on, righteous dudes. Joe and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary this week with dinner at Umami Burger and a trip to see our favorite comedian, Jake Johannsen afterwards, while dodging fans of the new Star Wars movie. Which is, coincidentally, exactly what we did on our anniversary last year.…

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Books. Bookstores. Coffee.

I’m feeling even more bookish than usual this week, so I’m going to hit you up with a good list of literary links today. For the most part I’m not really interested in “Best Of” lists, simply because they are subjective and reductive. But NPR has a rather genius approach to the Best Books of 2016: the list is 300 books long, but you can sort it according to your criteria. You can specify your preferences (“Book Club Reads,” for example, and “For Art Lovers”) and they will whittle that list down appropriately. “Let’s Talk About Sex” gives me twenty…

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A Book, A Movie, A Craft, and A Stupid Quiz

Happy December, my friends! I spent November writing the first book of a 4-book romance series that will publish in 2017. I had planned to start book two this weekend but my head is still fuzzy from the last one, so I think I need some time off for good behavior. Also? My house is a disaster. I know, most women say that when their house is perfect and there is like one unfolded dishtowel. But you have to trust me that when I say disaster, I mean it’s getting embarrassing. And I have a high tolerance for messes. (Remember:…

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