A Weekend of a Certain Age


Conversations I had this week:
Whether YouTube videos are ruining our children’s ability to carry on a normal conversation. (With Tara.)
Whether we owe a person in authority respect if we respect the office, but not the person. (With my parents and sister.)
Whether the Watergate/Vietnam years felt like this. (With Joe’s parents.)
Whether bungee jumping and shark cage diving are appropriate responses to existential angst. (With Tara. The answer is a hard NO. Tara disagrees with me, so I’ll be waving at her from the sidelines. Then, I assume, I’ll be driving her to the hospital.)
Whether saying no to a job is a good move if it means getting rest. (With my husband. He was right, but it killed me.)
What is a normal level of exhaustion, and what is psycho level, possibly going to be incarcerated level of exhaustion. (With myself. All the time.)
The indignity of getting older. (Every day, with every single one of my girlfriends.)
The badassery of no longer giving a fuck that we are getting older. (Every day, with every single one of my girlfriends.)
A whole lot of my conversations this week seemed to skirt around how to be a grown-up person in a scary world that is moving very quickly. Maybe it the general feeling of chaos surrounding us that is making me think about growing older, and who I want to be now, and in 10, 20, and 50 years. I’m quite in love with all of the women in this New York Times article about artists in their 70s, 80s and 90s. Just a nice reminder that there does not have to be an end to our creativity.
Lucky for us, reading extends your life. You and I already knew that, of course, but science is now starting to believe it. Which is awesome. Longer life = More time to read books.
It’s not here yet, but the day is coming when I stop caring about fashionable clothes and start wearing caftans. (My mom and her friends used to call them muu-muus.) They don’t have to be frumpy old lady caftans. Check out what Oh Joy does with thrifted caftans. Dare I say – they actually look cool.
Did you watch the reboot of Will and Grace? I am sooooo happy it’s back on, and I thought the first episode was great. This coffee scene will always be my favorite moment in the original series. Needless to say, I watch it mostly for Karen Walker quotes. Of course. But I can’t help but marvel at how not shocking it is today. What a world.
I hope you have a most excellent weekend with good books, comfy clothes, a good laugh, and maybe a little splash of vodka in your La Croix.
PS – Your weekend laugh:

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  1. Tara

    This is my favorite blog post yet, and that’s saying something, because I love them all. Thanks for the ride to the hospital. That’s true friendship right there. P.S. I choose the tequila….

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