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Snowy station
Here I go again, bitching about eating healthy. Three of my four kids claim they are vegetarian (even though the youngest hates all vegetables and indeed, most food) so by default we are eating mostly vegetarian food these days. I only prefer to cook meat because it’s easy and I don’t have to think about recipes, but obviously I want to be like every other red-blooded American in January and eat more vegetables. How is it going for you?
I’m not sure these Beer Battered Avocado Tacos really count as health food, but they were delicious and technically vegetarian, so let’s call it a win, shall we? I realize those of you who don’t live in California may not have year-round access to avocados, and for that I am sorry. My next-door neighbor has a gigantic avocado tree, so my hipster kids can eat their daily avocado toast without breaking the bank, and I can make lunatic food like fried avocado tacos. Win-win.
Speaking of which, I’m starting to think about my spring vegetable garden. We can, for the most part, garden all year here, but I am most enthused for it in the spring. I had tremendous success with my tomato gardens last year (I used this method) and am doubling the number of tomato containers this year. But I also always like to do something whimsical. We just don’t have rain boots here in California, but if we did, I’d love to do something goofy and fun like this Wellie Boot Garden in Scotland’s Firth of Forth. (And also: don’t you love that there is actually a real place called Firth of Forth?)
As I said in my 2017 book round up, I am trying to branch out a bit in my 2018 reading. Do you have any entry level sci-fi recommendations for me? I know Octavia Butler is a good starting point – do you have a favorite?
Speaking of books, (when am I not speaking of books?) this is a great list of 10 bookish podcasts to listen to. What Should I Read Next, Lore, and BookRiot are already on my weekly listening list, now I’m going to add all of the others.
Finally – is it too early in the year to dream about a summer vacation? Because I already want one, preferably one that is in an isolated house that could have been built by Hobbits where I can read all of my new sci-fi books in silence. This place fits the bit nicely, and I think if I don’t move to Firth of Forth, I will make it my new home.
Have a great, bookish, avocado-ish, dreaming-of-summer-vacation-tacos weekend, my friends.
PS – Weekend truths:

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