Bonjour Paris

I’m so excited to tell you that Book 3 is nearly here!  Paris at Christmas – ooh lalala.
I had so much fun writing this one – reliving some fun days and delicious food in the beautiful City of Lights.
In case you haven’t noticed, I am wildly in love with the cover art for this book series.  They are created for me by the crazy talented Alli Smith, and you should totally go check out her other book designs.  She’s awesome.
Here is a typical conversation:
Alli: What do you want on the cover?
Me: I don’t care.  You decide.  But no shirtless men. Other then that, you decide.  And there has to be croissants and it’s Christmas but there can’t be too much American Christmas decorations and I don’t want shirtless men or white people kissing on the beach and make sure the food looks good and more croissants, please.
Alli probably cries when she gets my emails but then she turns out gorgeousness like this cover and who wants to go to Paris for Christmas with me??

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