Winter Heat Julie Strauss
Raven Darke had a passionate affair with Jaxon Dawes.
Then she met him, and life got complicated.
The best part of her day is writing sexy stories about Jaxon Dawes, an artist Raven spotted online one day. Jaxon has become more real to her than anyone she actually knows.
But Jaxon does not like the online mania Raven has created around him. He never thought he’d meet her. Worse, he didn’t expect to be so powerfully attracted to her.

Moonstone Heart Julie StraussOne alluring stranger. Two broken promises. Three shattered hearts.

No matter what, Kathleen Hartigan won’t return to Chicago, or her cold father and manipulative stepmother. She’s going to see the world, make her own rules, and protect her fragile independence at all costs.

Rosemary Streit just wants to stay home, surrounded by everything she has always known. Her life, her love, her future – it’s all here, as long as she can figure out a way to keep it.

To get what he wants, Paul Trainor will hurt the people he loves most. Can he make the decision to follow his heart more than once?

All three of these shattered lives connect in the haunting and captivating beach town of Cambria, where ethereal moonstones are hidden in the sand, and true love will always call you back home.

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Hungry Heart Julie StraussHow far will she go to find her heart?

London Demerez is a superstar Chef in Los Angeles, California who has everything she ever wanted. But one day she realizes this life she has fashioned for herself isn’t everything she dreamed about. She can’t trust her boyfriend and her job bores her. She wants to feel passion for the food she cooks and find true love. She yearns for something different – more affection, more adventure, more fun. So she leaves her beloved Los Angeles to discover what the world has to offer her. She goes to visit her sister in New York and flirts with a hot bartender. She gets a job as an apprentice at a bistro in Paris, and falls hard for the owner of the local fromagerie. She works at a festival on a sunny Greek island, where an old passion is rekindled and she learns some hard lessons about who she really is. And finally, she goes to visit her family in Mexico and confront past mistakes. Along the way, she finds adventure, love, and great food. And in the end, she discovers what she really wants in life, and who truly knows the way to her heart.




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  1. Just read your Kobo piece and had to say thanks. I agree with your attitude to readers other than the whole cat-hating bit, of course. I write contemporary women’s fiction so not in competition with you at all but I appreciate your honesty.

  2. Christina

    I just read Prosecco Heart and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. My favorite part of the book is the few weeks Tabitha spent with Giovanni and the twins. You captured an intimacy that many authors seem to ignore. It is different than the intimacy that develops through sex but, in my opinion, the non-sex intimacy is more important to the relationship. Well done.

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