Even the most exciting life can’t fill a hungry heart…

London Demerez is living the dream. She’s a superstar chef at the hottest restaurant in Los Angeles — if not the country — and she gets to work with her sexy boyfriend Kip and her best friend Jim. It doesn’t get any better than this.

But when Kip turns out to be a cheating snake, and Jim kisses London in a decidedly not-just-friends way, London flees LA to see what the world has to offer and get her head together.

Bouncing around between New York, Paris, Greece, and Mexico means adventure, romance, and great food. But getting her head together is harder than it seems. London will make a lot of mistakes in love and in the kitchen. She’ll break some hearts, including her own, before she figures out exactly who she is and recognizes the man who truly knows the way to her heart.

Contains delicious recipes from Chef London Demerez’s travels!

This book was previously published as “The Way to Her Heart” by Emma Foster