How To Be A Hooker

The theme of last weekend's RWA meeting was “Creating a Strong Story Hook.” The entirely delightful Debbie Decker taught the class, and she gave a lot of great examples of stories that began with a great hook and don't let you go. The beginning of Star Wars, for example – that pounding explosion of music, the crawl of words across the screen, the space battle. We don't even meet the hero until a good while into the movie, but we're already hooked. After talking about some other movie and television examples, we went through the opening and closing of some of the…

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Indie Authors I Love: R.A. Roque

Why do I love R.A. Roque? First: she lives in Canada, and said I can come live with her if The Devil Incarnate is elected next week. Second: she homeschools four kids AND writes romance, like me, so hashtag twinsies. But she also works full time teaching music so she kicks my ass. But she’s nice about it. (See: Canadian) Third: She writes sci-fi romances, and her characters have cool mental powers. Like me. They are telepaths, kinetics, and one of them can manifest things out of thin air. Fourth: Did I mention her books are hot? Check her out here. You…

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Indie Authors I Love: B.A. Erickson

Beth Erickson is another friend I met in Austin (do all writers live in Austin? Should I move?) She writes absolutely gorgeous romantic suspense books, and she hosts a podcast about writing, and I did a little back flip* when I learned that I would be working with her. She is crazy ass smart and her books – you guys. So good. The novella she is writing is part of her "Reclaimed" Series, and it will give you insight into her previous books, as well as an introduction to her new series. *That was a lie. You know I don’t do…

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Indie Authors I Love: Jordan L. Hawk

I met Jordan L. Hawk when we ate dessert together at a bar in Austin. (Note: I was going to write ‘when we shared dessert at a bar in Austin.’ But seriously. When have I ever shared a dessert??) When Jordan told me she writes Gay Paranormal Historic Erotic Romance for a living, I stared at her blankly for a minute and then said, “Wait – that’s a real thing?” Lucky for me, Jordan is super cool, and she very patiently explained that yes, it is a real thing, and a very popular thing. She was too modest to mention…

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Adjectives, Trader Joe’s, and Succulent Jellyfish.

  Before I forget: if you are going to be in Southern California this Sunday afternoon, I will be at the Ripped Bodice reading and signing Moonstone Heart. Also reading this Sunday:  Ann Royal Nicholas, Sarah Vance Tompkins, and Christine Ashworth. Y'all, this event is FUN. This is an ALL ROMANCE bookstore and there are SNACKS. It's practically heaven. Come join the fun! Now, on to the roundup: Last weekend at the beach my daughter was stung by a stingray. I suppose the name should have given it away. They are hateful animals. Big, flat, brown, squishy, mean fish. Did…

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Romance Writers of America

Get ready, because this blog post is going to blow up your reading list. Last week I had the great and terrifying pleasure of attending the Romance Writers of America National Conference. There is such a wide range of romance authors, which made for such interesting conversation. Contemporary (that's me!), historical, paranormal, erotic, sweet, cowboy, military, young adult - you name it, there is a romance book for it. I love that. First up, the phenomenal Beverly Jenkins, who delivered the keynote speech at breakfast on Thursday morning. She rocked the room with a powerful speech about the history of…

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  Last night I gathered some of my favorite people (hubby, kids, Riley and her family) and we ate dinner together and opened some champagne.  My daughter made lemon cake.  Then we hit the "Publish" button and the kids popped little streamers and I cried happy tears. Book One is up for sale here.   If you buy it you will make my day.  Book Two ought to go live any day.  Exciting stuff, friends!!

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