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Fixing Lights

A rabbi, a priest, and a cowboy walk into a bar.

And the bartender says, “What is this, a joke?”

That’s my all time favorite joke. Try to beat it.
No, seriously, please try. I think we all need as many laughs as we can get these days.
While we are waiting for more humor, I have some fun links for your Saturday:
Dinner Party: Have you thrown one lately? I’m due to have some friends over for a bottle and a gossip. I actually think this menu for a $40 Dinner Party looks really good. Well, it looks mostly good. “Hand Salad” is stupid I won’t have any part of that nonsense. It doesn’t say hip and trendy to me. It says I’m too lazy to chop lettuce like a grown ass lady. And obviously I have to point out that the $40 only includes food. Which is cool. Save money on food so you can drink better wine.
Do you read any differently in the summer? People evidently tend to like lighter fare in the warmer months? I don’t know. My habits don’t really change all that much throughout the year. In fact, I kind of like to pick up a giant brick of a book during the summer months, because I have more leisure time (that sound you just heard was Mr. Joe Strauss, who just laughed so hard he fell out of his chair and hit his head on the floor.) Anyway, I love this fun list of 17 Books Everyone Will be Talking About This Summer. I immediately went to my library catalog list and reserved them all, because they look great. Bring it on, beaches!
For more reading fun: check out this awesome list of 22 Books You Should Read Based on Your Childhood Favorites. I found myself nodding to a lot of these recommendations – yes, obviously if you liked Anne of Green Gables you will like Edna O’Brien. I especially love how they match up The Hobbit with Michael Chabon. Something about that feels symmetrical.
How is your creativity lately? Here is a fun, simple exercise to get your brain moving in a new direction: Double Draw. I tried this with a simple sunflower. The right hand (my dominant hand) looked like a melted clock. The left hand looked like maybe someone had just tazed me. Whatever. I have never bragged about my art skills.
PS – Your Saturday laugh:
Need Coffee

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