Disney Bound, Donuts, and Ron Swanson

It’s been a sad and very stressful week here. I need all of the cliché autumn things to lift my spirits – socks, fireplace, hot cocoa. We get approximately 24 hours of fall weather before the next heat wave, and I go into full Connecticut mode. (Right now you’re like, Emma Foster sure does complain about the heat a lot! You’re right. It’s part of my charm. You’ll get used to it.)
Here’s what I will be doing for comfort this weekend:
I’m Reading: this book, which is the most boring title in the world, but so far a really compelling read. Have you read it? What did you think?
I’m Scrolling: Have you heard of Disney Bound outfits? It’s an every day outfit that is inspired by a Disney character. I love it so much – people are clever. What’s neat is that these clothes are not gender specific. Donut holes not gender roles, people! I especially like to wear these Prince Eric, Gaston, and Luke Skywalker outfits. I hate The Little Mermaid with a passion (don’t get me started) but I’m totally down with this Ursula outfit.
I’m Cooking: these donuts will most definitely send me into a sugar coma, but right now? Totally worth it. When you’re in a sugar coma, you can stop thinking about other people’s bullshit that stresses you out. Right?
And, in case you need a laugh, like I so desperately do, I give you 26 Ron Swanson Quotes That Are Never Not Funny. Enjoy!


above photos via unsplash and Buzzfeed

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