Episode 102

Do you believe in ghosts?

Shannon Bailey Grace is the creator and host of the Indie podcast Ghost and Grub. Shannon has a master’s degree in English literature and teaches research and writing at the college level. Her interest in storytelling fuels her love for a good ghost story, and she has a passion for learning about the people and events surrounding each story she tells. When Shannon is not telling ghost stories or traveling to spooky and strange destinations on a constant search to find the world’s best nachos. Shannon joined me today to talk about “Life With the Afterlife” by Amy Bruni, and why ethics are important in ghost tourism.

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Host: Julie Strauss

Guest: Shannon Bailey Grace

Discussed in this episode:
Life With the Afterlife by Amy Bruni
Kindred Spirits TV Show
My Night in the Most Haunted Hotel in Texas: A Very True Ghost Story by Victoria Mundae


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The highlighted portion is especially important – it’s time we let our lawmakers know that if they don’t vote to keep us safe from guns, they won’t have a job much longer.

Please know that even if you live in a blue state, these calls and letters are still very important. 

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Sandy Hook Promise

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