Hash, Celebrity Crushes, Negronis

I’m going to assume you are over your New Year’s Eve Hangover, that you have started, then modified, and then given up on your Resolution diet, and that you are pretty much settling in to 2017. What can we do? Calm the hell down. That’s all. Time for some comfort food. And drinks. Let’s not get too crazy.
Here’s what I’m up to right now:
Eating: Salt and Vinegar Potato Hash.  This is basically like a bag of chips for breakfast. Just add a poached egg and it’s a meal. See? Don’t ever let anyone tell you I don’t know how to be healthy.
Scrolling: My current favorite blog (besides mine, duh) is The Lazy Genius Collective. I know what you are thinking, and yes a lazy genius is a perfect description of me, except for the Genius part. She posts tons of planning, parenting, money saving, cooking and pop culture things. It’s all good, but my favorite posts are the  Celebrity Crush Throwdowns. The winning answer is always, always Cary Grant, by the way. That said, I wouldn’t kick Jake Gyllenhall out of bed.
Back in the day, my best friend Robin introduced me to the Negroni. We were in our early twenties and she had been all over Europe and I thought it was the most grown up thing I’d ever tasted. She is visiting this weekend and I’m going to make her this recipe for a Stolen Negroni from Design Sponge. Have you tried Aperol? It tastes sort of like grapefruit and oranges; sort of bitter and sweet at the same time. When you want something fancy, but not a real cocktail, a glass of iced seltzer with a splash Aperol is my favorite.
Now it’s your turn – What are you reading/cooking/making this weekend?

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