Indie Authors I Love: B.A. Erickson

Beth Erickson is another friend I met in Austin (do all writers live in Austin? Should I move?) She writes absolutely gorgeous romantic suspense books, and she hosts a podcast about writing, and I did a little back flip* when I learned that I would be working with her. She is crazy ass smart and her books – you guys. So good. The novella she is writing is part of her “Reclaimed” Series, and it will give you insight into her previous books, as well as an introduction to her new series.
*That was a lie. You know I don’t do back flips. The truth is I did a little fist jab in the air when I learned I would be working with her. Don’t judge.
[On November 1, I’m publishing “Winter Heat”, a contemporary romance novella, as part of the Ink Slinger’s Collective. What’s fun about this is that we all write very different things, so it’s going to be a really diverse collection of stories. Our only guide was the theme: Winter Wonderland. Last week I told you about Gay Paranormal Historical Erotica author Jordan L. Hawk. I’ll keep profiling the other authors in the collection until we get to publication day.]
On to other fun things to get excited this week:
Eat this: Look at this super easy way to make chocolate truffles. I’m thinking I will make each one have a different filling, then when I eat the whole tray it will be as surprising as a box of chocolates from the store. Except I won’t get any bullshit like walnuts or raspberry crème.
Drink this: In the cooler months, my favorite cocktail (Gin & Tonic) isn’t quite right. Unfortunately, I don’t like brown drinks, which seem like such a typical cold weather beverage. This Sicilian 75 looks like a good winter substitute for my hibernating G&T habit. I think it will get me through the raging Southern California winters. I’m going to serve it to Denise this weekend and will report back.
Read this: Austin Kleon is not only one of my favorite artists (you’ve probably seen his newspaper blackouts) but he is also one of my favorite thinkers. I reread his books on being and artist and a creative over and over for inspiration. I loved this recent post he did, 33 Thoughts on Reading. I agree with all of them except #31 (C’mon. Readers are a little bit superior. We all know it’s true.)
What are you reading/eating/drinking/playing this weekend?

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