Indie Authors I Love: R.A. Roque

Why do I love R.A. Roque?
First: she lives in Canada, and said I can come live with her if The Devil Incarnate is elected next week.
Second: she homeschools four kids AND writes romance, like me, so hashtag twinsies. But she also works full time teaching music so she kicks my ass. But she’s nice about it. (See: Canadian)
Third: She writes sci-fi romances, and her characters have cool mental powers. Like me. They are telepaths, kinetics, and one of them can manifest things out of thin air.
Fourth: Did I mention her books are hot? Check her out here. You won’t be sorry.
NEXT WEEK!! I’m publishing “Winter Heat”, a contemporary romance novella, as part of the Ink Slingers Writing Collective’s Winter Wonderland Collection. It’s going to be a really diverse collection of stories from some amazing romance writers. Last week I told you about B.A. Erickson, and the week before I wrote about Jordan L. Hawk. Our anthology publishes November 2. I shared a sneak peak of my cover on Instagram, and you can see the full cover on my Facebook page.
Other fun things for our weekend:
Why is it that Chefs have so much ink on them? Is it because they are looking at their forearms all day? But then computer programmers would be inked up. Whatever the reason, it’s always fascinating to me to hear the story behind the ink, and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this book.
What are you doing for Halloween? I’m not afraid to say this out loud: I friggen HATE Halloween. Least favorite of all holidays. Costumes are stupid and expensive and wind up in the trash the next day. Kids get nuked on sugar and act like maniacs. And the decorations? Corpses, blood, gore, things jumping out at me? No, no, no and HELL NO. I’m compensating for all of the stupid scary things this weekend by making this soup and sitting in silence where nothing will scare me. And if I can convince my husband to do all the driving, I’m making this cocktail, because vitamins.
Tell me what you’re dressing up. Unless it’s scary.
Forget about that. I don’t want to hear.
How about this: tell me about your tattoos instead.
Have a great weekend, friends.

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