Millennials Are the Coolest



And that is saying something, because I happen to love my neon legwarmer wearing 80’s generation.
But my oldest son graduated from high school and it was amazing to watch. They have perfected the graduation ceremony – no more sweating in the sun listening to long, boring slogs masquerading as inspirational speeches. No, these kids did it inside a stadium, the speeches were short, funny, and fierce, and every single one of them looked ready to take on the world. The parents mostly just sat back and said, Whoa, dude.
How did the Millennials get like this? Wish I could take credit for them, but nope. They are better in every way. Incredibly smart, awesome and brave. Ambitious in a totally different way that my generation was ambitious. I’m sick of reading about how apathetic and entitled they are. Friends, these kids are going to fix the world, and I can’t wait to see what they do.
So I’ve had to host graduation social events, which sends my Introvert Self into meltdown. But I’m coping as best I can with a few of my favorite things:
Reading: finally got around to Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, and I liked it, but certainly did not have the giant Ugly Cry at the end the way most people do. Also? I don’t think he loved her back enough. What are your thoughts?
Summertime is when I paint the house crazy colors, and I am so madly in love with this deck by Alisa Burke. We have a concrete patio, so I really have no idea how I would do it. Also? I am utterly without artistic talent. When I hit lottery, I’m totally hiring her to come paint my patio.
Listening to everything by Madeline Peyroux. Her voice is hypnotic. My current favorite is “The Summer Wind” off her album ‘Half the Perfect World.’ It makes me want to wear a spinny dress and dance on my crazy painted patio at dusk.
In case you are looking for a weekend read, my latest novel “Moonstone Heart” is marked down to $2.99.
Have a great week, friends!

photo via Unsplash.

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