Regency Romance, Vampires, and Cheesecake

Valentine’s Day: World’s Lamest Holiday? Or World’s Sweetest Way to express love? Whether you are celebrating a love story or your own sweet self, here are some fun links for your pre-Valentine’s Weekend:
Last month I met a woman who writes Regency Romances. I asked her why she thought the Regency Era took off so much. Why not Victorian or Gregorian or Elizabethan? Yes, I know there are books written about all of those eras, but not in Regency numbers. Her theory was that the Regency Era is like the 1960’s in American history: young people were trying out new social mores, new styles of clothing, and expressing themselves differently. That creates a great opportunity for writers to create all sorts of romantic entanglements. If you’ve never read Regency, here is a good list of clean romances, and here’s a starter guide to some racier ones.
If a delicious Regency Romance isn’t your thing, or you are in the mood for something a little darker, here’s a great big list of Vampire Books in every genre that ought to keep your twisty little black soul occupied for a while. PS, I love you, you Weirdo.
Husband’s very favorite dessert is cheesecake, so I think I will make this White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake this week. I’ve made it before, and even though cheesecake is not really my gig, this is a super good recipe because of the chocolate crust. Also, I love the fancy hearts on top, which look hard to do, but really aren’t.
Don’t forget your Girl Gang on Galentine’s Day (February 13.) Please do me a favor and don’t look up ideas for a fun Galentines Day party on Pinterest, because you will go down an Underachiever Shame Spiral and never come back. That said, if I made heart shaped melon salad and wiggly sequined headbands for my besties they would lock me up in a padded room. Our Galentines Day will include pizza (though it won’t be heart shaped) or tacos (also not heart shaped) and a designated driver. Unless we go to someone’s house in our pajamas and watch a movie.
Imma lay it down for you: if your bestie expects you to make her heart shaped macarons, you need a new bestie.
Peace out!
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