Squash. A Haircut. A Hotel.

Happy Saturday, and for those of you in the United States, Happy President’s Weekend. Are you taking care of yourself? We have rain predicted all weekend, so I am staying close to home. I owe the Husband a night on the town (and a cheesecake) since the flu ruined our Valentine’s Dinner. Other than that, here is what I’m up to:
Reading this book, and am nervous because my expectations are very, very high. I need a good read – I’ve been striking out with books lately – abandoning far more than I am finishing. Need some recommendations. What are you reading and loving right now?
Making this Squash/Lentil/Feta/Pine Nut dish even though I usually don’t like lentils and my entire family will turn their noses up at this meal. Except Husband. He will eat it very politely and then say, “I like everything you cook. This one wasn’t my favorite, but it was still good.” Le sigh. Do you have any good vegetarian recipes for me? I’m in a rut.
Thinking about getting my hair cut like this. Should I? Maybe it only looks good on blonde movie stars.
Dreaming about a vacation at this book hotel. A BOOK HOTEL!
But let’s be real – if I go there I will never come home. We all know it’s true. I’ll sneak into a supply closet and then wander the halls at night like a lonely ghost.
Have a lovely weekend, friends. Hug the people you love.
PS – Your weekend laugh:

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