Swag, Bras, Books

Here are some other things I’m up to this long weekend:
Cleaning: Eeeeeeeeew. You guys. Wash your damn bras!
Learning: Have you ever visited a presidential museum? I’ve been to the Regan and Nixon museums here in Southern California. What I really loved about them was the opportunity to learn about LIFE. At a different time, in a different place. I especially love learning about what it is like to live inside the White House. They both have great exhibits of the gifts that were given to the presidents. We have always had a fairly strict protocol about presidential gifts in this country, and it’s quite fascinating. Also? Prince George wearing a bathrobe to greet President Obama is one of my favorite images ever.
Reading: What were you reading 30 years ago? Aerogramme Writer’s Studio knows, and it is a great list. I read a mess of those back in the day, and would re-read most of them today.
Wondering: Am I still a feminist if I love looking at the models who will appear on my new book covers? Yes? Good. You are going to like them, too, because HANDSOMENESS ABOUNDS. Since we had to change the book covers anyway to reflect my name change, we are freshening the up with sexy book boyfriends and I am not sad about it.
So what’s up? What are you reading, cooking, watching, thinking about this weekend?

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