The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

If you pay attention to such things (or if you are one of my stalkers), you may have noticed that this blog name has changed from Emma Foster Romance to Julie Wrote A Book. You may be saying to yourself, why did Emma Foster change her name? The answer is, Emma Foster was never my name. It was all a ruse to create a massive romance empire under a fake name.
But, as it happened, I can’t keep up a pen name. Keeping up another personality in addition to all the voices inside my own head is just way too much work for me. The truth is I am super, super busy and also kinda lazy, all at the same time. That might sound bonkers, but it’s true. I’d be at book events and forget how to introduce myself. That is just embarrassing. I kept screwing up things like banking by writing the wrong name. That annoys my husband.  So I’ll be dumping the pen name and won’t answer to the name Emma anymore.
(Unless George Clooney calls me. He can call me Emma. The rest of you? Back to my real name.)
This is going to take some time – I have to change book covers and social media pages and all that stuff. Bear with me.

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