The Tunnel Tree. Weird Things in Books. Spicy Shrimp.

Well, really. What a stupid week. I am soothed by small doses of hard liquor, large doses of dark chocolate, massive doses of books, and very select friends and family. Also, very super small doses of internet until I feel the existential dread tightening its noose around my neck. It goes like this: Ohmygodddddd the world is so awful where is my passport grab the Bug Out Bag never mind let’s just stay here and die. Then Husband tells me to calm the hell down (in a nice way) and tells me to watch Tina Fey until I’m ready to stop acting like a crazy person. Then I hear that Beyonce is pregnant and  OHMYGODDDDDD I’m back on the internet and the cycle begins again. Modern love, gets me to the church on time.
Here are some fun weekend links to keep you away from doomsday scenarios and panic-induced stupidity:
Everyone who grew up in California visited the Tunnel Tree. I have a recollection of driving through it in my parents’ VW bug when I was a toddler, but it’s such a common picture that I’m not even really sure if the image is my memory or Collective Memory. But anyway, that tree was small, weird, and rather wonderful part of our state identity, and I’m really sad it’s gone. For a perspective on what the death of the tree meant to those of us who live here, read this beautiful essay by Nathan Heller.

Any tribute I could give it would be fatuous;

the tree was older than the language in which I can write.

In case you are worried that you are the weirdest person in the world, you are not. Here is a list of Weird Things Librarians Have Found In Books. Personally, I use whatever paper is close to my hand as a bookmark, including (but not limited to) Post Its, receipts, pictures, and postcards, and one time a five dollar bill. I have forgotten many of those book marks when I return my books to the library. I can say with all confidence that I have never once left a taco in my library book. Now it’s in my head. The next time I eat a taco the thought will flit through my head – other people use these as bookmarks! – and next thing you know I’m leaving tacos in my library books. You know on second thought, don’t even read that article. It’s really just a gateway drug for those of us who like to eat and read.
My sister made this spicy shrimp as an appetizer last Christmas and the whole family fought over who got to swipe up the last of the sauce with chunks of bread. It was delicious. I have a houseful of teenagers who laugh at me when I suggest we eat less meat, so I can’t go vegetarian without an uprising. But I do want to make more fish. Do you have any good recipes to share with me? Hit me up via e-mail or comments if you do.
Have a great weekend, friends!
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