Millennials Are the Coolest

  And that is saying something, because I happen to love my neon legwarmer wearing 80's generation. But my oldest son graduated from high school and it was amazing to watch. They have perfected the graduation ceremony - no more sweating in the sun listening to long, boring slogs masquerading as inspirational speeches. No, these kids did it inside a stadium, the speeches were short, funny, and fierce, and every single one of them looked ready to take on the world. The parents mostly just sat back and said, Whoa, dude. How did the Millennials get like this? Wish I could take credit…

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Moonstone Heart is Here!

I'm so excited for this one, friends. Here's how it came about: I started thinking about love triangles, and how they are usually so frustrating to me. When they are told from one person's point of view, and it's just a matter of our heroine getting her man, that's not so interesting. What is that other woman doing? What the heck was that guy thinking? So I decided to tell the story of a love triangle from each perspective. I imagined that they were each decent, though flawed, people going after what they wanted in life. I wanted readers to…

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