My Favorite Everything

Last week, we celebrated my birthday down at the lake. The theme was, essentially, “All of my favorite things." Company: Our neighbors who are conveniently our Soul Mates, and our combined eighty-seven children. Wine: one dry rosé, one inky red Dinner: Bread. Olives. An obscene amount of cheese (this one was my favorite.) Slow Roasted Tomatoes (I’m pretty sure Denise thinks that is the only thing I know how to cook.) Peppered Salame. Dessert: Dorie Greenspan’s World Famous World Peace Cookies. I can tell you, as a cookie connoisseur and fairly expert baker, these are the best cookies ever invented. They are…

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Ryan Lochte

I admit I’m following Lochtegate with a toxic mixture of glee and horror. The tweets! The white male privilege! The Ugly American! Am I an intelligent observer of cultural relations, or do I just like to laugh at stupid people? What is this guy all about? What am I all about? Can you tell me? This is the essential mystery of Lochte: athletic success at the level he has achieved takes almost superhuman mental fortitude and edge. Either all of that vanishes when he steps out of the pool or he’s a deeply gifted actor, or he has a kind of stupid…

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Olympics. Harry Potter. Spaghetti.

Hi Interwebs Friends! Are you watching the Olympics? Tell me what you like. I’m a swimmer, so I love to watch those amazing athletes fly across the pool. And I love it when you come across an Olympic sport and think, ‘Why the hell is this even a sport?’ and then an hour later you’re sobbing because you NEED China to win women’s archery. We are the world, people. Last Saturday night I took my kids to our favorite children’s bookstore  for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We drank Pumpkin juice, played trivia (I won…

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