Can I See Your Lunch?


In case you are worried that you are not living up to your Instagram potential, here is a collection of the 12 Most Cliché Instagram photos. I have committed 5 of these crimes against creativity. #underachiever.

Isn’t it weird how we take pictures of our food? Who can we blame for that? Millenials? Sometimes I’m shocked when I’m served a beautiful meal and my first thought is not get that in mah belly but I need the world to see this. Why? No one, and I do mean no one, cares what I had for lunch. Even if we actually sat down in person and had lunch together, you probably wouldn’t be all that interested in what I was eating. And I promise I’m not that interested in your food*, except for plotting how I would steal some of it.

*I do have one exception to that statement: my friend Ellen lives in Thailand, and she posts absolutely beautiful pictures of her coffee. I’m pretty sure I want to move to Thailand. Plus, Ellen’s there!

 The problem with most of us is that it’s really hard to take a decent food shot. Did you ever see the kerfluffle when Queen Martha tried posting pictures of her food? Even she can’t do it right.

Ikea made a funny video about our obsession with photographing our food.

What are you having for breakfast this weekend? I have teenagers sleeping over, so we’ll be heating up the waffle iron and trying out these croissant waffles. (Croiffles? Wassants? Frankenfood?) I’ve tried to stick a lot of things in the waffle iron – brownie mix, cake mix, french toast, hash browns. Sorry internet, but most of it does not work. But I’m trying the croissant because I am an optimist and also carbs rule my life.

Your turn – what are you up to this weekend? I hope it’s filled with good food and good friends and a book or two.

PS – Pinterest Laugh of the week:




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