Moonstone Heart is here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new cover of Moonstone Heart. Check out our hero, Paul Trainor, the moodiest, dreamiest Irishman on the California Coast.

Moonstone Heart Julie Strauss

Paul owns the Trainor Inn on Moonstone Beach in Cambria, where he is engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Rosemary Streit. He loves her, but he’s always felt stifled by his small town and wanted more in his life. 

One day, a beautiful stranger with jet black hair and a wild sense of adventure crashes her bike in Cambria, and Paul has to make a choice between a life of stability and security, or a life of passion and adventure.

Have lots of tissues on hand, because this book is my ode to the weepy Danielle Steel type novels I used to read in high school. I loved writing this one; and coming up with all the awesome recipes in the back of the book. (Pie. Irish Soda Bread. Cheesecake. It’s a wonderland of carbs and handsome men.)

Moonstone Heart is available NOW everywhere you buy your books.


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1 Response to Moonstone Heart is here!

  1. Mark Leslie says:

    Congrats on the new book. I have already ordered my copy and can’t wait to dig into it!


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