Hungry Heart

I'd like to introduce you to Jim Meier, the handsome star of Hungry Heart. Oh, hello there Jim. Don't mind if I do... Those of you who have been around a while may recognize this book. Back when I wrote under the pen name Emma Foster, I released this book as five separate novellas called "The Way to Her Heart." But now I've condensed the novellas into one book, given it a beautiful new cover, and re-named it.  Hungry Heart is the story of a hot LA Chef named London Demerez, whose boyfriend breaks her heart. I mean - come…

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Funny Books for Winter Blues

I had planned to title this post something like "10 Hilarious Movies to Brighten Your Winter Doldrums." But then I couldn’t think of enough funny movies. (And, to be fair, I have a rather dark sense of humor. True story: when husband and I saw Fargo in the theater, we were in hysterics. You could hear our laughter bouncing off the theater walls because not another soul in the place was laughing. I might not be your best source for funny movies.) Since I have weird, Morticia Adams taste in movies, let’s do books instead. You are prolly worried that…

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Oscar Predictions

Are you watching the Oscars this year? We are having some neighbors over for dinner and champagne and dress commentary. Husband and I will place bets and he will win every category because he picks the logical, reasonable choice and I pick who should win if there was any justice in the world. And then he'll go you can't bet on someone who wasn't even nominated and I'll go yeah but she should have been nominated and he'll go that's not how betting works and then I'll go that's because no one ever listens to me. I'm a super fun wife.…

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