A Book, A Movie, A Craft, and A Stupid Quiz

Happy December, my friends!
I spent November writing the first book of a 4-book romance series that will publish in 2017. I had planned to start book two this weekend but my head is still fuzzy from the last one, so I think I need some time off for good behavior. Also? My house is a disaster. I know, most women say that when their house is perfect and there is like one unfolded dishtowel. But you have to trust me that when I say disaster, I mean it’s getting embarrassing. And I have a high tolerance for messes. (Remember: 4 children + hate cleaning = general mess even on a good day.) We’ve had extensive house renovations done this year and we keep skipping putting everything back in its place because the next renovation is going to start. And here we are, Month Five of Renovations and all I want for Christmas is a small patch of floor space that is not covered in dust.
That said, this is what I’m doing to calm my shaky nerves this weekend:
Reading: this book by Elizabeth Strout, and I’m super annoyed with myself that I took this long to read it because she is possibly my favorite contemporary writer. This book is SO. GOOD. There’s not a lot to tell you about the plot – a woman visits her grown daughter in the hospital and they reminisce. But isn’t that the case with all great fiction? It’s not what it’s about, it’s how it’s about what it’s about.
(I’d love to take credit for that particular witticism, but I’m paraphrasing from something the brilliant Roger Ebert once said about the movies.)
Seeing: this movie because crikey it looks good, and I love anything related to the Kennedys.
Crafting: Earlier this year I came across the gorgeous embroidery of Sarah K. Benning on Instagram and have been obsessed ever since. My favorites are the giant scenes of women standing in lush gardens. Lucky for me, she offers a monthly pattern program. The designs are really simple. No counting stitches, no fancy steps. It’s almost like painting with thread. They are small enough that I can usually finish each piece during a family movie night, and after nine months in the program I have a nice little collection of hoops on display. (And of course, by on display I mean they are stacked on a bookshelf, ready to go on a wall when I get my house back. Which might be never.)
Quizzing: I’ve offered you a great book, a great movie, and some simple crafts. If even those simple pleasures are too much for you this weekend (and trust me, I feel your pain…) I leave you with this time waster from our friends at Buzzfeed. I’m not really sure what Buzzfeed’s purpose is, except that every now and then when I have the blues I find myself sucked into a weird quiz vortex trying to decide what kind of Pop-Tart I am or which Harry Potter Professor I am. (Sprouts. Obviously.) They were able to guess from my food choices that I am a 24-year old hipster.
I’m not sure how my choice in avocado toast made me 23 years younger, but times are tough, people.
It’s best not to question magic.

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