He loved her first…

Ellie Norman stays away from relationships, thank you very much. It’s been almost three decades since Wayne Maxwell crushed her heart and fled Oro Beach to become an international blues star, and she’s never forgotten it—or him. But at least he’s long-gone, and she can enjoy her peaceful seaside hometown, her bookstore, and her solitude.

Which makes it especially infuriating when Wayne waltzes into her store one day, ruining all three.

Wayne’s been brought home by a family tragedy, but being back in town is reminding him of everything he loved about Oro Beach—including Ellie. Now he’s thinking about staying, but Ellie’s determined to drive him back out of town. How is he supposed to convince her he’s a changed man if she won’t even give him a chance?

Set against the backdrop of coastal California, Almost Blue is a love story about listening to the music of your heart and facing to your past.

Almost Blue is the first book in the Oro Beach Contemporary Romance Series.