Good girls aren’t afraid.

Caroline Symons holds her family together. She’s always been the steady, reliable daughter. The girl everyone could count on to do the right thing. With a mother as scattered Ruby, an estranged older brother, and a younger sister with a questionable drug habit, it was all up to her. She was always happy to do it.

Until now. Because not everyone respects a high-achieving young woman. Her erstwhile boyfriend, Axl, makes it clear that they have no future together, no matter how hard she tries to hold on to him. Her mother is on the verge of losing their family business. And a handsome Welsh man with a secret is interrupting all of her carefully thought out plans.

When her beloved hometown of Oro Beach is nearly devastated by a catastrophic fire, Caroline has to stop running from her fears to save herself and the ones she loves most.

Set against the backdrop of coastal California, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is a love story about a woman who has to face her long-held fears and create the life she really wants and tried to run away from.