One alluring stranger. Two broken promises. Three shattered hearts.

No matter what, Kathleen Hartigan won’t return to Chicago, or her cold father and manipulative stepmother. She’s going to see the world, make her own rules, and protect her fragile independence at all costs.

Rosemary Streit just wants to stay home, surrounded by everything she has always known. Her life, her love, her future – it’s all here, as long as she can figure out a way to keep it.

To get what he wants, Paul Trainor will hurt the people he loves most. Can he make the decision to follow his heart more than once?

All three of these shattered lives connect in the haunting and captivating beach town of Cambria, where ethereal moonstones are hidden in the sand, and true love will always call you back home.

Moonstone Heart is a heart-wrenching tale that follows three lives as their hearts and souls intertwine through time. Readers seeking a traditional romance with a simple HEA should be warned that you won’t find that in Moonstone Heart—but you will get a deeply satisfying love story that stays with you long after you finish the book.

Don’t miss the author’s delicious recipes for Charlotte Trainor’s Brown Soda Bread, The Streit Family’s Ollalieberry Pie, and Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake in the back!