The Crown

I have contracted with what I am pretty sure is the bubonic plague, so no Wednesday Words for you today. I am going to just leave you with a Netflix Binge recommendation. Have you watched The Crown? If you haven't GO WATCH IT! I alternate between whining I want to be Queeeeeeeen and then insisting I could never ever ever be Queen! Honestly I just want the castles and the dresses. The episode when she had to forbid her sister from getting married? Broke. My. Heart. AND I have heard there will be a total of six seasons, but for sure Season 2…

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Thai Chicken Soup

This week Southern California was hit by a fierce rainstorm. We go a little bananas when it rains. At my house we even got HAIL! It was magical. I was craving something warm and nourishing for dinner that wasn't the usual chicken soup or spaghetti, but also easy to make and inexpensive and I didn't want to shop for any ingredients because I'm lazy and anyway it's illegal to drive when it rains here.   I'm so totally fun to live with.   As it happened, just as I was having all of these ridiculous and childish demands creative ideas,…

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