Cold Comfort

If you choose to stay indoors today (and I certainly don’t blame you…) check out what 22 Writers Said About Donald Trump before the election. And this is a roundup of what writers said after the election. It’s sad and scary, but a good reminders: we need the artists to help us make sense of things.
I want to stay home and bury my head under the covers like a good Introvert, but my brave and wonderful  daughters insisted we join the Rebel Alliance. So we’re making signs and marching with our people today.
After the march, our favorite people have invited us over for dinner and movies on their gigantic screen. We’ll watch something funny and kid friendly. We’re going to laugh a lot, and we’re going to order pizzas, and make Buffalo Croutons for our salads because American food is badass and a little crazy and that’s why we love it.
I’m going to make a batch of Vanilla Bean Soda for everyone. With bourbon for the adults. (I have a feeling that for the next four years I will say with bourbon for the adults an awful lot.  You should prolly buy stock in a bourbon company.)
Afterwards, we’ll all drink way too much of Kirk’s coffee, and eat too much ice cream, and we’ll figure out what’s next.
Peace out, my friends. Don’t let the darkness win.

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