Let's Go To The Movies

I’m thinking about hosting an Oscar party. (By party, of course, I mean I will invite Denise over to watch with me, and we will drink champagne in our pajamas and look askance at anyone who dares to speak over Meryl Streep or Viola Davis.)
I am as annoyed as any feminist by the “Who Are You Wearing?” question that all women get on the red carpet. That said, I LOVE looking at Oscar dresses. This is a fun chart of the most iconic Oscar dress every year. Cher is the obvious winner for straight up crazy, but I’m also rather fond of Bette Davis and all of those feathers in 1939. Go big or go home, amirite ladies?
This article about the 100 Greatest Movie Props of All Time, is an awful lot of fun, mainly because it doesn’t rely on the usual suspects. I love that they include goofy things like the amps that go to 11 from Spinal Tap, or the pile of cocaine from Scarface.
Have there always been “punchable” celebrities? Or am I showing my age by commenting that a lot of young stars today have very punchable faces?  I’m not the only one who noticed.  I’m sure they are all very nice in real life, and it’s not their fault that they look like the kind of guys who would stiff a waitress or take a selfie in the gym mirror.
What do you think of this: Male Stars are Too Buff Now. I mean, I write romance, so I’m certainly not one to complain about six-pack abs. But it is getting weird right? I blame the superhero movies for this crazy muscle fetishisation, and I wonder when or if it will end. How sad it would be if an entire gender were to be judged on their physical appearance rather than their brains, compassion, or capabilities. That must be so demeaning.
As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and what you are reading/watching/playing this weekend!
PS –
Bitch please

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