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Mojito Rum
The kids are off school, the weather is warm, and I’ve lost my will to live. That means it’s summer time in California. I’m going to do a summer movie roundup for you soon but for now, let’s talk about the cocktails of summer. What cocktails do you like to drink in the hot months? The classic G&T is the One True Cocktail to Rule Them All, as I’ve said before. (Hendrick’s gin, Feverfew tonic, a sprig of rosemary. Trust. Me.) 
That gauntlet thrown down, I realize not everyone loves a cocktail that is as bitter as my soul. I’m generally not a fan of rum drinks because they are usually so damn sweet, but I have collected a whole lot of Mojito recipes over the years, and I think it’s time to branch out and try a few of them this summer. 2017, the year of the Mojito. Why not? Do you know how to make a classic mojito? The basic recipe is pretty easy: Mint, lime, white rum, sugar, and club soda. (I leave the sugar out of mine.) Of course, it’s endlessly mess-withable. Here is a roundup of some of the best looking mojitos I found on the interwebs.
Grapefruit Mint Mojito I have a grapefruit tree AND a mint plant in my backyard. Coincidence? I think not.
Ginger Peach Mojito This recipe is for a mocktail. But add rum to mine, thankyouverymuch.
Orange Basil Mojito For sure I would cut back the amount of simple syrup in this, because I think it would be sweet enough with the orange juice. Also: orange tree and tons of basil in my back yard. Just sayin’.
This Cranberry Mojito is listed as a holiday drink, which is dumb because holidays are for red wine. Nonetheless I realize it might be tough to find cranberries in the summer. Too bad, as this looks quite refreshing. You could always use the bottled cranberry juice if you want this now.
Strawberry Basil Mojito Easy peasy. If you aren’t down with the basil, use mint instead. Strawberry AND basil AND mint in my yard. Are we seeing a theme here? The theme is Gardening Is Good For You.
Watermelon Mojito I’m sure it’s delicious. Looks boring though, right? Get some fancy straws or something.
Lavender Blueberry Mojito Yes, this is just sophisticated Kool-Aid but I don’t care. I want a purple drank.
The thought of coconut rum kind of freaks me out a little bit (does it taste like Coppertone? More importantly, why do I know what Coppertone tastes like?) but I prolly wouldn’t turn down these Frosty Coconut Mojitos.
This Kiwi Blueberry Mojito looks more like a fruit salad than a cocktail. So, you know. It’s health food. But I’m not down with that blue stuff around the edge of the glass. I’m a grown ass lady. Please do not put Pop Rocks on my cocktail kthanksbye.
I love the looks of this Inside Out Mojito but I am never going to make mint infused ice cubes. You all know that about me. Never. Ever.
If you want your Mojito in dessert form, like for example if you are pregnant or you don’t homeschool four children and therefore you don’t need alcohol in your life, I offer you the following mojito themed desserts:
I’ve cooked a few different recipes from the Broma Bakery website and they are always delicious. I’m sure these Mojito Cupcakes will not disappoint.
Not gonna turn down this Mojito Pie (even though it is not a pie, come on.) Bonus: this is a no bake recipe.
No Churn Mojito Ice Cream Drizzle some rum over that scoop of ice cream and I think we have a winner.
Citrus Basil Mojito Popsicles look fun. Not sure if they’d freeze if you add the optional rum though.
Your turn friends – what is your favorite iteration of a mojito?
Happy almost summer! Don’t drink and drive. Also don’t drink and text, drink and shop, or drink and get a haircut. It’s all dangerous.
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