Pray the Vegan Away

First Born Son likes to hang out with his gang of rebels and go rock climbing, body building, and go to vegan restaurants. They are living the thug life. And yes, it makes me laugh that the way he rebels against me is to be an athlete and eat vegetables. He went completely vegan for the month of April. My main goal was not to eat any of that fake meat garbage that is sold as health food, so I agreed to cook for him. It really was not all that hard. I had to plan ahead a little more than usual, but vegan eating really isn’t too much of a challenge. (Of course, I was in Austin for an entire week of vegan month, and you can bet your ass I did not skip the BBQ or the tacos.)
Now that the month is over, First Born Son says he’ll be mostly veganish. As for the rest of us, we are going full carnivore again, the way God intended it.
If you are like me and feeling anemic, check out some of these beauties:
Barbacoa Tacos with Pickled Onions and Pineapple Pico. (Remind me to tell you about when my daughter wrote an essay about her family tree, and she listed tacos as one of her ancestors.)
Insanity Burgers. I can feel you judging me and I’d just like to remind you that I ate tofu more than once this month.
Ruth Reichl’s Steak Sandwiches Have you read her latest book? It’s up next for me.
Honey Sriracha Grilled Bacon. You had me at hello.
Whether you are grilling meat or mushrooms this weekend, friends, have a good one. I’ll catch ya on the flip side.
PS – Your weekend giggle:
Thug Life

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