Prosecco Heart is Here!

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“Tabitha never intended to greet her mailman in the nude…”

I was at my local RWA chapter meeting last year when that line popped into my head. I scribbled it on my notes, and started giggling. And could not stop. Who is this wacky lady, standing naked in front of her mailman? I didn’t know why she’d flipped out, but I kept writing. What if she had just found out her husband cheated on her? How about instead of collapsing on the floor in a sobbing mess, she went a little bananas?
I kept scribbling and laughing, and by lunchtime I had most of the first chapter.
This book went through approximately one billion revisions over the last year, but I kept that first chapter almost to the word. It still cracks me up.
I decided to make her a sommelier (I mean, I already wrote about sexy pastry chefs. Time to write about wine, my other favorite hobby…) I sent her across the ocean to meet a sexy Italian. And then I turned her husband into a cheater at home and in their winery. Mayhem ensued.
Tabitha has to decide between protecting her heart or her business.
Can she have it all?
Do the women in my novels get what they want? Yes. Yes, they do, dammit.
This is my first new release in over a year, and I am SO excited to hear what you think!

Prosecco Heart is available NOW everywhere you buy your favorite books!


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  1. Mark Leslie

    Congrats on the new release. Having only read a single scene from it (and laughing all the way through it), I cannot wait to dig in to the full novel!

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