Readers, Guy Fieri, and Instagram

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My Southern California Peeps: If you are looking for something fun to do today, I’ll be signing books at the Anaheim Library Romance Author Day. Come say hi, and eat a London Demerez scone with me. I’ll be selling the last of my Emma Foster books before we change all the covers. The original cover editions will be worth millions some day, I personally guarantee it.* So you should totally come buy them.
Other fun for your weekend:
Check out this Reading Infographic, revel in how wonderful readers are, and then pat yourself on the back for being the smart, bookish types. We rule.
Every Friday night is Family Fun Friday at the Strauss Haus. We take turns choosing the dinner and the movie of the night. Somehow the night always ends with us watching an episode or two of Triple D. Guy Fieri makes me laugh, even though why is he always screaming? These are fun reads: The Unrecognizable Genius of Guy Fieri and Here’s What Happens After Guy Fieri Visits a Restaurant. If you want to plan an epic road trip, you can look up all of the Triple D locations here. I’ve been to this one and it really was fantastic.
I was getting my nails did this week, and went to snap a picture, imagining the silly caption. Can’t even deal with my To-Do List today, so I’m getting my nails did! Or maybe, Haven’t done laundry for a week, so I don’t have anything to wear, but darn it my nails look good.
I pondered the cutest caption for a bit, and then something occurred to me: Nobody – NOBODY – cares that I got my nails polished. Not one person on the planet cares. I barely even care. I’m embarrassed that I even considered posting it. I’m really that shallow?
Well, I’m certainly shallow enough to consider doing it.
That same day I listened to this Hidden Brain podcast about the emotional cost of social media. The takeaway was that we objectively know that our friends’ lives aren’t as fabulous and #blessed as they pretend to be. We know this. It’s not that we need to prove our social worth to them. We actually feel a need to prove it to ourselves. It is a fascinating listen, and really made me think about a more thoughtful approach to social media in the future.
All that said, I really do love Instagram. I follow a lot of writers and artists, and seeing slices of creative people’s lives is endlessly interesting to me. Are you on Instagram? Right now you are expecting me to tell you to dump all of your social media, but let’s be real. You should totally follow me. I do monthly giveaways of fun prizes. And I will no longer be posting pictures of my manicure.
Have a great weekend!
*Mr. Joe Strauss would like to add for the official record that Mrs. Julie Strauss cannot possibly foresee the future value of her books, and her personal guarantees mean almost nothing, and should not be considered legally binding or even all that reliable. Trust him.
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