Santorini, s'agapo!

Book Four in The Way to Her Heart Series published last week. In this book, Chef London Demerez goes to the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece. She drags along her handsome French boyfriend, Laurent, for a holiday, but finds herself in an unexpected complication that challenges their young relationship.
I love all of the books, but in all honesty Greece was the most fun to write. Things get real for Chef London – high drama! Oh, that lovely lady just can’t seem to get her act together. YET. I’m pretty sure London is headed toward a happy ending, but she’s overcoming some obstacles along the way first. It’s the obstacles that are so fun to write, and hopefully to read. And the back of the book contains a London Demerez blog post has some Greek recipes that are sooooo good. Let me know if you try them out!
In some sort of protest against Holiday busy-ness, I checked out an even more massive-than-usual stack of books from the library last week. As if just having the books near my bedside will keep me from insanity. Here’s hoping it works.
Much love, friends, and Happy Holidays, however you may celebrate them.

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