Sweet and Spicy

tennis ball
Hooray and Hallelujah! It sure took you long enough, weekend.
We are…
Celebrating: Back in the day, Mother’s Day was a Capital-E Event with brunches, nice dresses, and presents. But now I’m tired of those shenanigans. I work so much and my kids are running around all the time, so on Sunday I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything or wear nice clothes. I’m going to sleep in late, and then stay in my pajamas and read all day. My kids and husband can visit me bring me hot coffee and we can talk about happy things tell stupid stories and laugh. That is all. A super lazy day with my whole family in one house sounds like absolute bliss to this busy mom.
Eating: Recently at a fancy restaurant, I ate a mediocre burger with an amazing topping: candied jalapenos. Sounds strange, tastes wonderful. Sweet and spicy. (Just like me.) I’m going to make them at home and spoon them on everything. And by I’m going to make them, what I really mean is I’m going to ask my family to make them for me while I read in bed.  Wouldn’t they be good on a bagel with cream cheese? Or on avocado toast? Yum.
Reading: Each year a new psychological thriller is called this year’s Gone Girl until … when? When something is bigger? Why is Gone Girl the boss? In any case, I never pass up this year’s Gone Girl, whatever it is. Behind Closed Doors has that tagline on the cover, so of course I pulled it off my library’s new release shelf, and am sucked in.
Crafting: My kids are going to roll their eyes at me, but I love these Wes Anderson inspired woven tennis racquets so much. I’d like to get four racquets and weave a Pac-Man and some ghosts on the strings, and then line them up on the wall. It’s a weird craft anyway, so why not make it weirder? I can totally handle my kids’ scorn.
Listening: This is not a new album, but I’ve been playing Hozier nonstop lately. Especially the song ‘Jackie and Wilson.’ I want to blast it while driving up the coast in a convertible on a hot day. It’s a perfect combination of sexy and melancholy and enraged. (Again, just like me.) Plus, it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it (PS – I miss you, American Bandstand.)
Whatever you are doing, remember to love up your Mommas, or whoever it is who Momma’d you.
Peace out,
PS – Jim Gaffigan always gets it right:

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