The Tunnel Tree. Weird Things in Books. Spicy Shrimp.

Well, really. What a stupid week. I am soothed by small doses of hard liquor, large doses of dark chocolate, massive doses of books, and very select friends and family. Also, very super small doses of internet until I feel the existential dread tightening its noose around my neck. It goes like this: Ohmygodddddd the world is so awful where is my passport grab the Bug Out Bag never mind let's just stay here and die. Then Husband tells me to calm the hell down (in a nice way) and tells me to watch Tina Fey until I'm ready to stop acting like a…

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Sparking Joy. Or Whatever.

Here's a sneak peek of my new book, Moonstone Heart, out on June 1. Isn't that pretty? The cover was made by my girl Alli, and you should check out her Etsy shop. She has all sorts of bookish things for nerds like us. I'm pretty sure this one was designed specifically with me in mind:   Some things from around the world and the web that I think are bitchen: Working: At first, I thought the whole notion of 'housework equals spiritual fulfillment' bugged me just because I'm not a very good housekeeper. But as it happens, Other people agree that…

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