Mojitos, Books, and a Romantic Friendship

Happy First Saturday of May, my friends! I hope your weather is nice and your cocktails are delicious. I’m going to try this Strawberry Pineapple Mojito. Because vitamins, yo. What are you reading right now? If you need a new book, check out J.K. Rowling’s recommendations.  Related: I’ve only met one person whose favorite March sister was someone […]

Top Two Most Embarrassing Moments Last Week

  I spent last week at the Smarter Artist Summit in Austin. If you look around the interwebs, you’ll see all sorts of wrap-ups from writers who came out of their shells, talked to other people, and learned about writing, marketing, and branding. It was an awesome time, even for introverts who aren’t used to […]

Do It Afraid

As you read this, I am at a writing conference in Austin, Texas, sucking up knowledge and stealing tacos from a whole bunch of crazy talented authors. This is my second trip to this particular conference, and I am SO excited to see my gang again. We are planning meals and drinks and bookstore visits, and […]