It's Practically Here!

Are you almost at meltdown point yet? Is your head ready to explode from too many Christmas carols? Will you scream if you have to go to the mall again? Is your body begging you to lay off the champagne and chocolate and eat a damn vegetable? No? Me either. Party on, righteous dudes. Joe and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary this week with dinner at Umami Burger and a trip to see our favorite comedian, Jake Johannsen afterwards, while dodging fans of the new Star Wars movie. Which is, coincidentally, exactly what we did on our anniversary last year.…

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My Favorite Everything

Last week, we celebrated my birthday down at the lake. The theme was, essentially, “All of my favorite things." Company: Our neighbors who are conveniently our Soul Mates, and our combined eighty-seven children. Wine: one dry rosé, one inky red Dinner: Bread. Olives. An obscene amount of cheese (this one was my favorite.) Slow Roasted Tomatoes (I’m pretty sure Denise thinks that is the only thing I know how to cook.) Peppered Salame. Dessert: Dorie Greenspan’s World Famous World Peace Cookies. I can tell you, as a cookie connoisseur and fairly expert baker, these are the best cookies ever invented. They are…

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