2018 Book Roundup

In 2018, my friend Claire challenged me to read 100 books in a year. In general, I'm not really big on reading challenges. I don't want to get so focused on hitting goals that I'm not enjoying my books anymore. But 100 books was exactly the right challenge for me. I could still read whatever I wanted, and that number was only a little higher than what I have read in previous years. If I eliminated just a couple of my bad habits, I had enough time to increase my reading time. (That said, if the goal were much higher,…

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2017 Reading List

While I think we can all agree that 2017 was an epically stupid and oftentimes terrifying year to be a human, it was a magnificent year to be a reader. That has always been the case in my life: books save me from the crazy in my head and the crazy in the world. I read 69 books in 2017, which is a little bit less than what I read last year, but still pretty average for me. In my day job, I edited an additional 28 books for other authors, so I suppose my total book consumption is 97 books. That does…

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Book Review: The Mothers

It's only been out since last October, but there has already been a ton of hype about this book. For good reason – The Mothers by Brit Bennett is every bit as dazzling as you've been hearing. She has already won some prestigious awards, and I hope she wins a whole bunch more. Everything, actually. I want her to win everything and then write a million more books. This book left me in a fugue state for a few days after I finished it; I had a hard time moving on to a new story because these characters are so deeply entrenched in my…

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