Top Two Most Embarrassing Moments Last Week

  I spent last week at the Smarter Artist Summit in Austin. If you look around the interwebs, you’ll see all sorts of wrap-ups from writers who came out of their shells, talked to other people, and learned about writing, marketing, and branding. It was an awesome time, even for introverts who aren’t used to […]

Celebrity Deaths

At Denise’s New Year’s Eve party, we debated whether it really was a rough year for celebrity deaths, or if it was just our imagination. Maybe the collective noise of everyone complaining about celebrity deaths made it seem like there were way more than there actually were. My husband, as usual, was able to supply […]

Hash, Celebrity Crushes, Negronis

I’m going to assume you are over your New Year’s Eve Hangover, that you have started, then modified, and then given up on your Resolution diet, and that you are pretty much settling in to 2017. What can we do? Calm the hell down. That’s all. Time for some comfort food. And drinks. Let’s not get […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Ryan Lochte

I admit I’m following Lochtegate with a toxic mixture of glee and horror. The tweets! The white male privilege! The Ugly American! Am I an intelligent observer of cultural relations, or do I just like to laugh at stupid people? What is this guy all about? What am I all about? Can you tell me? This is […]