Mojitos, Books, and a Romantic Friendship

Happy First Saturday of May, my friends! I hope your weather is nice and your cocktails are delicious. I’m going to try this Strawberry Pineapple Mojito. Because vitamins, yo. What are you reading right now? If you need a new book, check out J.K. Rowling’s recommendations.  Related: I’ve only met one person whose favorite March sister was someone […]

Hash, Celebrity Crushes, Negronis

I’m going to assume you are over your New Year’s Eve Hangover, that you have started, then modified, and then given up on your Resolution diet, and that you are pretty much settling in to 2017. What can we do? Calm the hell down. That’s all. Time for some comfort food. And drinks. Let’s not get […]

Indie Authors I Love: R.A. Roque

Why do I love R.A. Roque? First: she lives in Canada, and said I can come live with her if The Devil Incarnate is elected next week. Second: she homeschools four kids AND writes romance, like me, so hashtag twinsies. But she also works full time teaching music so she kicks my ass. But she’s […]

Indie Authors I Love: B.A. Erickson

Beth Erickson is another friend I met in Austin (do all writers live in Austin? Should I move?) She writes absolutely gorgeous romantic suspense books, and she hosts a podcast about writing, and I did a little back flip* when I learned that I would be working with her. She is crazy ass smart and […]