Sweet and Spicy

Hooray and Hallelujah! It sure took you long enough, weekend. We are... Celebrating: Back in the day, Mother's Day was a Capital-E Event with brunches, nice dresses, and presents. But now I'm tired of those shenanigans. I work so much and my kids are running around all the time, so on Sunday I don't want to go anywhere or do anything or wear nice clothes. I'm going to sleep in late, and then stay in my pajamas and read all day. My kids and husband can visit me bring me hot coffee and we can talk about happy things tell stupid…

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A Book, A Movie, A Craft, and A Stupid Quiz

Happy December, my friends! I spent November writing the first book of a 4-book romance series that will publish in 2017. I had planned to start book two this weekend but my head is still fuzzy from the last one, so I think I need some time off for good behavior. Also? My house is a disaster. I know, most women say that when their house is perfect and there is like one unfolded dishtowel. But you have to trust me that when I say disaster, I mean it’s getting embarrassing. And I have a high tolerance for messes. (Remember:…

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