A Weekend of a Certain Age

via Conversations I had this week: Whether YouTube videos are ruining our children's ability to carry on a normal conversation. (With Tara.) Whether we owe a person in authority respect if we respect the office, but not the person. (With my parents and sister.) Whether the Watergate/Vietnam years felt like this. (With Joe's parents.) Whether bungee jumping and shark cage diving are appropriate responses to existential angst. (With Tara. The answer is a hard NO. Tara disagrees with me, so I'll be waving at her from the sidelines. Then, I assume, I'll be driving her to the hospital.) Whether saying…

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Books With The F Word

Recently, my husband asked me why I have so many books with the F word in the title. I didn't really have an answer. Because they are funny? Because they are good books? Because I love a good curse word? Fair warning: if you don’t like cursing, just stop reading right now. This post is not for you. I love cursing, and do it a lot. But even I get that this post is excessive. I'll catch you back here on Saturday for some fun links, and you have yourself a nice day. For the rest of you filthy animals: Today I have…

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Dinner, Summer Books, Double Draw

A rabbi, a priest, and a cowboy walk into a bar. And the bartender says, “What is this, a joke?” That's my all time favorite joke. Try to beat it. No, seriously, please try. I think we all need as many laughs as we can get these days. While we are waiting for more humor, I have some fun links for your Saturday: Dinner Party: Have you thrown one lately? I'm due to have some friends over for a bottle and a gossip. I actually think this menu for a $40 Dinner Party looks really good. Well, it looks mostly…

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