Summer-ish Links

This is the time of year when I say things like, “Husband, why won’t you build me an outdoor fire pit surrounded by swings?” And he says, “Dammit Woman, I’m a computer geek, not a carpenter!” And then I point out all the carpenter-type husbands in our neighborhood who would build gigantic swing sets for their wives, because nothing says “I’m an excellent wife” quite like pointing out the skills of other husbands. And then he says, “Yeah, but they can’t fix a computer, can they? It’s all part of the battle of life.” (I’m just kidding, he doesn’t say…

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Regency Romance, Vampires, and Cheesecake

Valentine's Day: World's Lamest Holiday? Or World's Sweetest Way to express love? Whether you are celebrating a love story or your own sweet self, here are some fun links for your pre-Valentine's Weekend: Last month I met a woman who writes Regency Romances. I asked her why she thought the Regency Era took off so much. Why not Victorian or Gregorian or Elizabethan? Yes, I know there are books written about all of those eras, but not in Regency numbers. Her theory was that the Regency Era is like the 1960's in American history: young people were trying out new…

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