Disney Bound, Donuts, and Ron Swanson

It’s been a sad and very stressful week here. I need all of the cliché autumn things to lift my spirits – socks, fireplace, hot cocoa. We get approximately 24 hours of fall weather before the next heat wave, and I go into full Connecticut mode. (Right now you’re like, Emma Foster sure does complain about the heat a lot! You’re right. It’s part of my charm. You’ll get used to it.) Here’s what I will be doing for comfort this weekend: I'm Reading: this book, which is the most boring title in the world, but so far a really compelling read.…

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Let Them Be Crazy

A few weeks ago, I took my kids to Disneyland, and we happened to see a certain celebrity. (I'm not even going to mention her name, even though I can hear all my blogger friends going search engine optimization!! But really, I don't want to give her any more ink.) Suffice to say, watching how people act around this celebrity was a bizarre experience. The crowd, in fact, was the most interesting part. The celebrity in question mostly just gazed at her phone and looked annoyed. We live in a crazy world, no? Let's do what I told my kids to do: Step back, take…

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My Favorite Pumpkin Pie

Friends, the news last week from Paris and Beirut was soul-sucking. I couldn't think of anything to write that wasn't trite, ridiculous, and useless.  I coped the only way I knew how: by watching the news until I simply couldn't anymore. Then I turned it off and watched Disney's Monkey Kingdom with my kids. Prayed a lot. Talked to a neighbor who makes me laugh every day. And then my son made a pie. He and his buddies had planned a "Pie  Day" at school, and each of them made a different kind of pie and had a buffet during lunch break.…

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