Tacos, Gardens, Sci Fi

Here I go again, bitching about eating healthy. Three of my four kids claim they are vegetarian (even though the youngest hates all vegetables and indeed, most food) so by default we are eating mostly vegetarian food these days. I only prefer to cook meat because it’s easy and I don’t have to think about recipes, but […]

Squash. A Haircut. A Hotel.

Happy Saturday, and for those of you in the United States, Happy President’s Weekend. Are you taking care of yourself? We have rain predicted all weekend, so I am staying close to home. I owe the Husband a night on the town (and a cheesecake) since the flu ruined our Valentine’s Dinner. Other than that, […]

Can I See Your Lunch?

In case you are worried that you are not living up to your Instagram potential, here is a collection of the 12 Most Cliché Instagram photos. I have committed 5 of these crimes against creativity. #underachiever. Isn’t it weird how we take pictures of our food? Who can we blame for that? Millenials? Sometimes I’m shocked […]