Readers, Guy Fieri, and Instagram

My Southern California Peeps: If you are looking for something fun to do today, I'll be signing books at the Anaheim Library Romance Author Day. Come say hi, and eat a London Demerez scone with me. I'll be selling the last of my Emma Foster books before we change all the covers. The original cover editions will be worth millions some day, I personally guarantee it.* So you should totally come buy them. Other fun for your weekend: Check out this Reading Infographic, revel in how wonderful readers are, and then pat yourself on the back for being the smart, bookish types.…

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Social Media

Hello friends and Happy Weekend! It's been a really fun week around here! Book 3 Paris published (yay!) and I've had Paris on the brain nonstop all week. Looking through my French cookbooks, browsing Pinterest for pictures of Paris in winter, etc. My sister got me hooked on Instagram, and I started my own account and even managed to hook it into the blog. So, I've never been much of an Early Adopter. Maybe one day soon I'll try that newfangled Facebook thing all the kids are talking about.* But I'm liking the Instagram. I think the reason I'm taking…

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